PHOTO Alessandra Ambrosio warms the hearts of his subscribers, posing in a white bikini


On Sunday, may 15. in March, Alessandra Ambrosio unveiled a new cliché, she is ultra sexy. The Brazilian model sends positive energy to their followers, who are completely in the spell.

Alessandra Ambrosio is not cold in the eyes, but you learn more. The Brazilian model recently, vibrates in the rhythm of the carnival of Rio is back on Instagram. On Sunday, may 15. in March, it shows a wonderful picture of her in a bikini in white. Sexy and Busty as always do not hesitate to send positive energy by a message, that it adds to the photo. “ Energy is staying power. We are vibrations of energy. A process of change, growth and development at constant “you can read. The words are very well chosen, the current. During the Covid-19-button is currently a very large number of people, including some of the stars of the top-model of the 38-year-old shares his mood.

Alessandra Ambrosio, the always sexy

And after his photo in a bathing suit, and his message, Alessandra Ambrosio looks the life serene. Then she thinks she’s in the midst of the rocks on the sea, the mother of two children wearing a face rested, and thoughtful. Full of good waves, the muse Victoria’s Secret in his head and it feels in its plastic perfect. What did not escape his fans. ” I love your spirit and sexy “,” You’re too beautiful “,” Fantastic, nice and beautiful “or yet “ You’re a vitamin “don’t hesitate to comment, its subscribers. The friend of Nicolo Oddi, can you also count on your audience to send him to the nice vibrations using the power of social networks.