PHOTO Alicia Aylies posing in a white bikini and created a debate, in spite of it


Instagram is the perfect application to go into exile, away from the restraint and calm, eyeing some of the publications of quality. Alicia Aylies shows also on Sunday, the 15. March revealed a photograph of your vacation in Martinique, for the joy of his community.

Eighty-seventh Miss France, Alice Aylies won the crown in the year 2017. Your successor, as well as to Iris Mittenaere, since a friend in the vicinity, as well as a Miss France, Camille Cerf. 2018 of the office Maëva Coucke. Its title, abandoned, crazy rumors had him on loan then, a relationship with the world champion Kylian Mbappé. The young woman then had the information that are unfounded, refute, and in the transition from lynching to fans of the footballer. His love life is still the subject of speculation, of interest, of course, ignored by the main. With more than 400 000 spectators and curious subscribers on his account Instagram, the ex-Miss-France begins a career influenceuse, also bear witness to his numerous publications the poses and productions studied carefully

“The time passes so quickly… “

On Sunday, may 15. in March, she has Martinique, therefore, a photograph will be visible from the last holiday on the island. While she has recently changed the look, opt for a square plunge rose of wonderful effect, this new publication dressed this with a nice cut, afro, in a white bikini, all smiles, sunshine. Wiktionary” The time passes so quickly … He needs to know to fully enjoy every moment of it. Verily, it is my head, if you tell me that I have to eat lobster “the cliché has a small geography in the room comments. One of her fans commented :” The beauty of the African woman “information that corrected immediately, by a admirer, the geographical knowledge is more than questionable :” Except that she is not Guyanaise base-it is an island, it is in Africa “. A new information is wrong, once again, from a fan of a little more responsible : “ Against Guyana is not an island is. “You also, check your geography with Alicia Aylies !