PHOTO Astrid Nelsia : sultry bikini-string to cuddle sharks


Astrid Nelsia posted to the attention of its subscribers a small post card from the Bahamas. If the animal friends have, without a doubt, the fans that Astrid had occupied the eyes elsewhere enjoyed in the cliché of the presence of sharks,…

The sharks ? Where ? It is more or less the reaction of the majority of the subscribers is Nielsa account Instagram, the beautiful brunette Astrid. The latter is very well known due to the reality now flows happy days by gambling, and the carbon balance of the planet, in short intervals : Japan, Switzerland, Thailand, Morocco, Usa, Italy, Mauritius, hard, to follow your way all over the globe. But Astrid seems to not catch to consume, obviously, that something in the clothes. The girlfriend of Matheus Vieira, 21 years oldin front of the centre of the Brazilian football club based in the Swiss town of Nyonit shows, in fact, rarely dressed differently than you (quite small) swimsuits.

Pocahontas in the sinking of the sharks

This is also the case on the recordings released, the ex-candidate of the Angel 11 – 26. February. The ex-Sisika had the good fortune to spend a little time on the Exumas Islands in the Bahamas, after a stay in Miami. And so it is in the case of sharks the young woman could this happen a few moments he has carved its subscribers. But the suggestive poses, and of the divine anatomy the beautiful have pushed some to the edge the presence, however, spectacular sharks in which it floats, and you cuddle, without trembling. The fans seem to notice it or not, the feat. The use of a variety of émojis fire and bomb and the comments “Wow, Astrid is a bomb !”, “Just too beautiful and sexy without vulgarity, I love you, Astrid” , “A true beauty” , “Beautiful”, “Yummy” , come to confirm this: his subscribers only have eyes for you.