PHOTO Astrid Nelsia takes, the Marsupilami in your bikini ultra-hot


Astrid Nelsia still benefiting from his holiday in the sun. The candidate of the reality-tv even offers a real fashion show for swimwear. The last one of its users.

For several days, Astrid Nelsia love and the sun lives. On holiday in Thailand, the former candidate Angel she uses her free time between the two shooting for the reality shows, to lounging on some of the most beautiful beaches. The opportunity to reveal the beautiful brunette, he on account of his Instagram and his photos are sexy in a swimsuit. And the young woman has a sacred collection bikinis very step to occur very, the only little bit of imagination, to form very generously. If you are facing has not to his chest, and he, in publications very calientehis butt, which she shows for the greatest pleasure of the people… but also your aesthetic surgeon.

Astrid Nelsia again, and very, very sexy

Since she has experienced a lipofilling in the year 2018, Astrid Nelsia swears on his post very recovered. A pride for his surgeon, the recently released a photo of her in a string. But every day, a lot of surprises, and a new Sunny day in Phuket, Astrid Nelsia put your loyal subscribers, while its new swimsuit, yellow, and black. A color that reminiscent of the famous figure of the Marsupilami. Thrilled to be a space, the renamed barely hiding her Breasts, the young woman has even Marsupilagirl “. What lure you directly in the eyes.

You’re a Holy bomb “,” What woman “,” Maginifique photo “or yet” A beauty “you can read in the comments on Instagram. You don’t know whether some of them jumped to the ceiling as the Marsupilami or écriés” houba houba “in view of the curves of Astrid Nelsia. The mistress of the women of reality tv, he is in any case not at all jealous.