PHOTO Bella Hadid : her bikini leopard print makes roar to the delight of his community


A new year sometimes means small changes in everyday life, some adjustments in your life-style : the famous good intentions. Bella Hadid seems to have this kind of discourse. Monday, 6. January, the model is again very scarce, do not change for nothing in the world his good old habits, revealed in a bikini.

It changes nothing and it goes on ! Bella Hadid is one of the stars of Instagram, with more than 27 million subscribers hung his publications. The young woman of twenty-three years, the notice on a regular basis due to its many photos by you in front of his plastic perfectly. A cosmetic surgeon, in English, the intellectual, his hours, the even has in the first placein his list of the ten most beautiful women in the world ; the list consists of scholars ‘ calculations, based on the number of gold, the theory of the thinkers of the ancient Greece and used by the painters of the renaissance. His facial features closely a particular ideal of beauty. The sister of Gigi, so you can thank her mother, Yolanda, the legacy of genetic quality.

A new routine ?

This Monday, the 6. January, the American model posted on Instagram a photograph of how sought-after his community. In a brief bikini in leopard pattern, the young woman the repair of your phone provides full. The legend specifies :” Me during the seventy-second hour, my phone diving into a bag of rice “. This building is known for its ability to absorb, unhappy, liquids guilty, because you will damage electronic devices. Accident pool ? In any case, this does not prevent him, obviously, to enchant, to his community, and this is quite simple. ” I want this phone “commented one of her fans, unaware of the possible risks of suffocation. What is the effect !