PHOTO Bella Hadid mini bikini panther, it is about to fall


Last January, Bella Hadid, an accident, mobile phone, private had had some holiday memories. On Tuesday, 4. February, the top was over his treasures, that you started immediately so that, together with its subscribers Instagram.

On 6. January, Top Bella Hadid, had written that a photo of her, magnificent -responds it never be so ? – in the train of the concentration on the reboot of his phone, had, it seems a little stay in the swimming pool or in a bowl of Sangria. During the instagrameuse could have been a cliché, you grimaçante and shaking have written lost half of his life in chlorinated water, the sister of Gigi Hadid, who she was smiling in a very small mini tiny bikini with leopard just dipping your valuable in a bag of rice. It seems that the patience, the daughter of Yolanda Hadid was rewarded, because there are a couple of hours you revealed to his nearly 29 million subscriberssome of the clichés of this traumatic day.

Tough day in January

It is noted that for the most beautiful girl in the worldnot we that say this, but the theory of the Golden number – a typical day in January is not like that of a human lambda. Relaxing on a surfboard in the pool, selfies in the t-shirt under a blue sky, Caribbean, video, where she moves out of the shaft, small NAP tendons, in front of a Paradise backdrop… are saved only some of the elements, by the charming little sister, hidden from Carla Bruni. The user showed no trace of bitterness against these new photos, you are in Paradise, on the contrary,”Wow“, “To say thanks, the thanks to the rice ! ,” You gâtes with these photos !, “You looked very beautiful this day was !“you could read in the comments. Only one user found another source of pleasure, oddly, in the contemplation of the stereotypes” She has cellulite, it makes me very happy“. Sure it impressed Bella !