PHOTO: Elizabeth Hurley in a bikini sexy on Instagram, melts the users


Elizabeth Hurley is the proof itself that it is not the age, to a body of the dream. On Friday, 21. February, the actress appears in a sexy bikini on Instagram and melts the users !

At the age of 54 years, Elizabeth Hurley has made a line of dream that shows you are regularly on social networks. Swimsuit are cut, v-neck, the British actress is fully committed to the eyes of their fans on Instagram, the excited, admire often the lush forms of the ex of Hugh Grant. On Friday, 21. in February, the mother of Damian Hurley struck again, and took to reveal his holiday in the Maldives a new cliché to rise the temperature. Dressed in a white bikini, the actress, who recently, to Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, laying on the beach and braque, the aim is strapless, his gaze hypnotic.

Your fans will acknowledge his last photo

The reactions of the users were not long in waiting, according to this publication, that you legend simple : “Hello, beautiful Maldives “in taguant the villa that houses it, so that their brand of swimwear. “The most beautiful woman in the world “, “Oh, my God. You’re a dream!!!!! So beautiful !!! Spend a nice day “ or “The most beautiful and in great shape “the reviews of his followers in the spell. That should boost the sales of the Elizabeth Hurley Beach.