PHOTO Emilie Nef Naf-sexy in a bikini, makes you roar to the delight of his community


The containment is much more comfortable, for some people… this is the case of Emilie Naf-Nef-who benefits from the sun, cared for his large garden, and through the publication of photos with the plastic perfectly. In his last publication on this Sunday, 5.april.

Some have more luck than the other. A balcony, a terrace, a garden or a second home; containment remains my minds attract, if the possibilities to unravel, are in the range. This is the case, Emilia Nef Naf, has a beautiful garden, it has often in his stories Instagram. The star of the show Mothers and famousin the 631 ‘ 000 fans on his page at Instagram continues to be very active during the pandemic. A situation that she has taken very seriously, since the beginning, as you explained in the columns of Mag TV :” With the proximity to Italy, I’m in the guard for a long time. I also have a friend in Shanghai, with whom I discuss daily for two years. She told me very quickly to be careful, and sent me the masks. As a hypochondriac, I took his advice seriously and the choice déscolariser my children, there are more than three weeks before the closure of the schools. I was support for a repair at the beginning. I engueulais my friends who were in the shops, and I wanted people to see the remains of parties, meetings, weddings,. “

A little astrology

Accustomed to reveal his plastic through publications sexy some of the others, the mother of Maëlla and Menzo return due this Sunday, may 5. april. A new camera presents, dressed in a bikini, in the reflection of a glass pane, behind which the drawing of a lion comes, hide sent to the neckline. “Sagittarius ascendant lion, and you ? “, display in the legend. The question and the staging, of course, have inspired his many fans, started by Sophie Brussaux ! The ex of Drake seems to be the same character as your friend, because she said : “ The lions, we are the best “. Others could not help noticing, the characters frustrating, one of the staging : “ There is a reflection that disturbs a little bit… “while the vast majority of the few curves congratulated visible : “To beautiful the I love you Emilie. You’re a bomb “,” So beautiful, take care of you and your kids to stp “.