Photo exhibition “Through Her Eyes. Timeless Power” arrives in Milan

Photo exhibition “Through Her Eyes. Eternal power.”

After great success Dubai, he arrives from September 18 to November 19, 2023 in the monastery Galleries in Italy From Intesa Sanpaolo in Milan photo exhibition Through her eyesEternal Power great modern master Max Vadukul.

“Through Her Eyes” is journey into eternal femininity: The artist’s careful eye crosses centuries and traditions to give us a glimpse of a woman who opens our eyes. multifaceted figure, in constant connection with the roles he plays in society and with his inner world. The inspiring muse and the only heroine of his latest artistic research is unearthly Top model Lyudmila Voronkina Bozzetti.

There Lyudmila Vadukulskaya this is one, not one and a hundred thousand: independent spirit, at the center of social and family life, in dialogue with your inner self and your own space. Vadukul proves that A woman is an endless kaleidoscope of perspectives and different worlds, an endless female world that cannot be simplified from one angle.

Lyudmila is at the same time a daughter, a wife, a mother, a seductress, a worker, she is absorbed and detached, sometimes sad and thoughtful, but also strong, self-confident and triumphant. In every frame, his penetrating gaze awakens depth in the viewer. awareness of the impossibility of defining it: she is everything at the same time, she holds life in her womb and the future in her hands. Thus the art of Vadukul becomes tribute to the history of women, to its progress in the world over the centuries. Lyudmila’s energy and feminine power – through history ed. explodes in the artist’s frames – will be remembered in the hearts of those who maintain eternal respect for women.

The art project “Through Her Eyes – A Timeless Power” was born in 2021, when, on the occasion of the filming of Zero Collection by Roberto CavalliVadukul met Lyudmila, one of the models in the cast. Max was amazed by this: “She was different, completely different. It had a history and a past; real power and I started photographing it over and over again. In fact, I felt that I had found someone who could create strong images of Vadukul. I wanted to create an art project with her“, – speaks I am taking photos.

Her photographs are real works of art, in which Lyudmila’s feelings are captured, mixed and enhanced by Vadukul’s extraordinary art, creating the perfect combination of creativity and emotion. Vadukul depicts his muse only in black and white photographs, in the stylistic style of the artist: the photographer skillfully plays with chiaroscuro, drawing the past and her history on Lyudmila’s face and body.

Photo exhibition

The idea is completely and 100% inspired by my story and a single woman, Lyudmila.” he states Max Vadukulwhich continues”Behind the lens I am always alert, my eye is curious, my reflexes are quick, but everything is aimed at discovering the uniqueness of the subject in front of me. I recently had the pleasure of capturing a man who was unusually quiet but dominated the set with his commanding presence. As I learned more about Ludmila, I was fascinated and inspired to create a photographic art story entirely dedicated to her, a tribute I called “Her Eyes—A Timeless Power.”. It was an extraordinary journey in which a vision of pure power emerged.»

I am truly proud to be the muse and sole hero of this extraordinary project created by the legendary Max Vadukul.” he claims Lyudmila. “Great work that focuses on women for the betterment of them. “In addition, I am very grateful to everyone who participated in the project, supported us and believed in us.”

Continuing to reflect on my latest work, Vadukul shares, “L”Comprising 40 large-scale black-and-white prints, the exhibition is a testament to the incomparable power of personality, an essence that is notoriously difficult to capture on photographic paper. This solo exhibition, dedicated solely to one woman, is a tribute to her ability to embody the diversity of images I have imagined. The compelling outcome of this project left me speechless.”

The shooting happened inside Villa Gattoni in Meleti (Lodi), a space frozen in time, an ideal place to create the story of Lyudmila’s timeless memories. The spaces of the villa have been redesigned in a cinematic way with an attentive eye Nicoletta Santoro, artistic director of shooting, former creative director City and villagefashion director China fashionco-author Vanity Fair USA, French mod, Vogue Italy And Selfish.

The theme of women, the central element of the exhibition, will also be the protagonist of the created exclusive video installation entitled “Respect“: on the footage “Through Her Eyes”, Massimiliano Finazzer Floriwhich also edited, talks with Max Vadukul through the eyes of Lyudmila Voronkina Bozzetti in a story that sees women as one, not one, a hundred thousand, but always free.

The exhibition also includes a photographic portrait. in favor of scientific research. In fact, one of the works will be donated Veronesi Foundation which will put it up for auction on the CharityStars platform, with proceeds going to support a cutting-edge research project on women’s tumors. During the opening, scheduled for Monday 18 September, from 18.00, there will be speech on the importance of prevention and the support of excellent scientific research by Professor Paolo Veronesi, President of the Foundation.

It will be possible to take part in the auction from September 18 and will be open until October 9.

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Today Lyudmila Voronkina Bozzetti, Max Vadukula and Professor Paolo Veronesi will be welcomed Barbara Mazzali, Advisor for Tourism, Territorial Marketing and Fashion of the Lombardy Region – for a great artistic work that puts the value and power of women at the center of a historical period in which too many social and cultural differences still exist.

The sponsor of the exhibition is National Chamber of Italian Fashion and will be included in the calendar of cultural events Fashion Week.

Thank you Intesa Sanpaolo And Galleries of Italy.

Photo exhibition


Max Vadukul (British, born 1961) – one of the most respected photographers in the world. Vadukul was discovered in 1984 by Japanese designer Yohji Yamamoto, who awarded him one of his prestigious advertising campaigns when he was only twenty-two years old: this was the first of Yamamoto’s many campaigns for Vadukul. Beginning in the nineties, Max began his editorial career working for French Vogue, Italian Vogue and The New Yorker. In 2000, National Geographic made a documentary about his work, which is still distributed and available online. He is regularly photographed for: The New York Times, Vogue France, Vogue UK, Vogue Germany, Vogue America, Vogue Japan, Vogue China, Style Magazine, Esquire, Egoiste, Town & Country, T Magazine. Moreover, Vadukul appeared as one of the most prominent portrait photographers in the worldcapturing hundreds of subjects such as Mother Teresa, Leonardo DiCaprio, Mick Jagger, Jack Nicholson, Brad Pitt, Karl Lagerfeld, Paul McCarney, Sting, Donald Trump, Yves Saint Laurent, Christina Aguilera, Natalie Portman, Bruce Springsteen and 40 Nobel awards .

Lyudmila Voronkina Bozzetti was born in Sochi (Russia) and at the age of 15 was chosen as one of the most prestigious agencies Moscow models. A few months later he landed his first cover for Bazaar Russia, winning the award for best cover of the year. At the age of sixteen, he received an international passport and began traveling to the most prestigious catwalks in the world. fashion weeks and in the best photo studios in Paris, Milan, Moscow, Hamburg, Tokyo and Taiwan. Numerous long-term collaborations with the most prestigious brands, including Etro, Versace, Cucinelli and Cavalli.. Protagonist of various editorials for the most prestigious fashion magazines, including Vogue Russia, Vogue Italia, Bazaar Russia, She Russia, Diva e Donna, Donna Moderna, as well as numerous advertising campaigns including Tricot Chic, Clips and recently Roberto Cavalli, Kiton and Chiara Boni, which have received extraordinary distribution around the world . Particularly appreciated by renowned designers such as Fausto Puglisi and world-famous photographers such as Max Vanducul, with whom the company boasts numerous collaborations. In July 2022, she was presented with the prestigious “AWARD TOP MODEL TAOMODY” during his career.

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