PHOTO Jessica Thivenin in a bikini, she shows off a body that is dream-six months after his birth


On Tuesday, 7. april, Jessica Thivenin showed off his stunning weight loss on Instagram. Six months, day for day after the birth of his son, Maylone, the young mom, who was happy to see again your body from before pregnancy.

On Tuesday, the 7. april was the big day for Jessica Thivenin. After the death of close to serious health problems, his son Maylone celebrated six months. A true joy for the young mother took advantage of this anniversary to draw a balance sheet on his body post-pregnancy. And the least one can say is that they are very proud of you. ” I just tried a short, I no longer fit, and now look at it ! This is the victory ! “she declared, with joy in his story Instagram, before the secrets of her weight loss.

Jessica Thivenin thinned out, since the birth Maylone

For the management of the 12 kilos if she was pregnant, Jessica Thivenin eliminated the sports of food, too fat and too sweet. ” I’m very much attention to the whole week on what I eat, except for Sunday, which is the only day where you can have a pothead “said the former star of the Marseillebefore you admit that thought of it with the scalpel. ” There are those who have told me that I had a liposuction or aesthetic surgery, but it is not. I’m not going to lie to you, I asked after my pregnancy, because I belly, and I wanted the injection in the butt. And they told me : “Is out of the question, you just gave birth, she must, at the time that she is back and what more, she was bedridden for four months, you may have a pulmonary embolism.” “

Jessica Thivenin has certainly proven that a little exercise and a healthy diet could shape a perfect body. Wearing a bikini in orange, the wife of Thibault Garcia is proud to present, for the first time with your new slender figure shows that on a photo in front of a mirror. ” Six months left, and I’m relieved to have today I’m exactly the same weight as before the pregnancy. I’m so glad “she has written. The efforts in the end always pay.