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Photo Karen Le Marchand, hilarious, her buttocks in the water after a fall

On Monday, August 16, Karen Le Marchand celebrated 53 years of her life. A birthday day on bike with friends in Portugal. The result: she found herself and her buttocks in the water after falling into a rice field. But that’s not enough to make you lose your smile.

For Karen Le Marchand, she will be going back to school soon. But in the meantime, enjoy your vacation for a few days. After filming the beginning of the next season of Love is in the meadow Soon to be broadcast on M6, the host traveled to Portugal. There he celebrated the 53rd anniversary of his life. On Monday, August 16, Karen Le Marchand was already celebrating her birthday. For this occasion, he received many letters, especially from farmers whom he helped find love. “Happy birthday my dear friend … we just love you”Matthew Books. Happy birthday kakaPierre and Fred commented, comparing it to Good armagnac. Happy birthday tata kakaBooks by Emmanuel Wuyuan. Karen Le Marchand also received a beautiful bouquet of flowers from… Brad Pitt. Well almost. “Brad Pitt.I joked about the story.

Karen Le Marchand: ‘It’s not necessarily what you think’

Karen Le Marchand took advantage of her birthday to go cycling with friends in Comporta, south of Lisbon. Great place to hike on two wheels in the middle of the rice fields. A trip that could have turned into a drama. And for good reason, the presenter fell. found herself Buttocks in the water between rice plants.. But that’s not enough to make you lose your smile. In the video she posted on Instagram, she is hilariously seen as a helping friend. He also shared a video of his shorts getting completely wet when he got back on his bike. When you’re 53 you smell like slime … not necessarily what you thinkI joked in a comment on the post, adding that she was willing “A fan of the rice field up close”. She will make your memories.

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