PHOTO: Kendall Jenner : bikini-top of the line model, the fire on the canvas


With not one, but four shots, the top model Kendall Jenner will be displayed, small bikini, on the social networks. Photos so hot that some fans had the breath.

I and this Jersey : a history of love “it is so, that Kendall Jenner wiktionary smart his post from 3. March on Instagram. The sister of 4K of the most famous in the world Kim, Kourtney, Khloe and Kylie is currently on vacation and life seems to be the best life. While some have decided to the delights of snow and mulled wine, Kendall Jenner frolicking offers sessions on a beach of sand, for they were the first in this bikini who is hiding is really the absolute minimum. It is not the fans, who interfere with and obstruct, Kendall you prefer, without a doubt, without a snowsuit and moon boots.

To fall beautiful

Emily Ratajkowki used photos in Jersey to find a serious competitor, and the oldest daughter of Jenner. Because in addition to his face is delicious-of all the daughters of Kris Jenner, the natural is the beautiful 24-year-old celebrated, has to die last november, an anatomy of all Tits saints of the calendar. Abdominal ultra-flat, endless legs, chest, seems to defy gravity. In a word like in thousands of Kendall is perfect. It is clear, therefore, on the beach, in front of the mirror in his room or in the bathroom, a dream-like silhouette, the atomized, literally, be liable to its subscribers. His friends Bella and Gigi Hadid, and sister Khloé Kardashian have you combined your voice, to those fans to tell him their admiration. “Absolutely crazy“, “Yes, Yes, Yes “, “Imagine how it may look to be about as “, “Your body is not a gift of heaven, I don’t know, how can there be the“,” By what a miracle he keeps this Jersey ? “,” How is it possible that a man looks like this ?“”Get some rest, my daughter, you’re going to kill me there“you could read in between other comments. Nine hours after the publication of this contribution liké was more than 7 million times and undoubtedly, this is only the beginning…