PHOTO Maddy Burciaga posing in a white bikini, to the great delight of his fans


Recently spotted in Celebrities naked on TF1, Maddy Burciaga seemed to be absolutely satisfied with his body. On Sunday, the 1. March on instagram, she published a photo at the same time causing the praise of his community.

Today influenceuse with two million subscribers on his account Instagram, Maddy Burciaga started his career in the fourth season Who wants to marry my son ? Prior to participating in seconds times of the year-emissions Friends Tripof The villa is the heart broken and Marseille vs. the rest of the worldin the you-form, a short pair with Julien Tanti. She shows up later in the tenth season of the angels of reality tv, where she meets Vincent Queijo, you remain as a couple for a year. Recently, viewers in France have found it-casting Stars nakedthe cause of which has particularly interested, as you said Tv Star :” I found it was a nice program. I also told me, to my age, that was bad, the bring the youth to the casting, to the awareness of the need for maximum world for breast cancer screening. “ Its performance was, however, criticized by the users, some of the accused” if you look at a decent “.

“My God… “

But what it obviously is not the release of photos of detained, for one of his favorite pastime : sexy some other. His recent break with the influencer GMK seems to be not even distinct in addition to measurement. On Sunday, may 1. March, so it is cut in a white bikini perfectly, the blond lit his community of fans : “ But my God, the canon “cries of one of them,” Oulalala opinion, warning, if you post how it is there ! Qué calooooooooooooor bonitaaaaaaa ! “raves another. The first place goes, however, this is admirer, of the most visually amateur nuances, metaphors, and other stylistic means :” Hello you’re beautiful, canon, super, sweet, sublime, sexy, charming, I love you beautiful Maddy, small plugs, not too sweet, you’re my ray of the sun illuminates my heart, I love you with a heavy treasure. “What is the effect of …