PHOTO Maeva Ghennam published a photo of her in a bikini : its fans to thank


While some of the French work more, other, rear-committed attitude, try to take care of as you can, waiting for new instructions. On this Tuesday, 17. March 2020, Maeva Ghennnam not less forget, post a new photo of her in a bikini, and pulled at the transition to the thanks of his community.

On this first day of containment so many people wanted to stay in business, to not give up their respective communities. This is for example the case, if by Cyril Hanouna, the button do not track on my post of his house, or his columnist Clara Morgane, a daily publication of photographs, in order to break ” the weak “. This is also the case if Maeva Ghennam, on Tuesday, the 17. March 2020, published a new photo on his account instagram. After he caused an uproar, to be in a shopping centre of B├ęziers, and is drawn to the anger of internet users, the young woman seems to be discouraged and continue to take their task very seriously.

A bit of advertising, if

Based on a nice wall, the young woman posing in a bikini, colorful, perfectly cut. A must-have for his many fans, to discover always be happy, its plastic-flawless in the scene. The marseillaise will not be forgotten, however, to do a little advertising for his show is reminiscent of his fans, you will find that on the same evening on W9 :” Cuckoo my love. J1 containment. How is it with you ? I’m home, I try to entertain myself, as I can ! Deadline is tonight at 18: 50 on W9 to spend time “. A message picked up, of course, to enchant a community, can count on you :” Very nice, luckily you’re there to deal with us, otherwise there is not much to do. I’m going to run, and otherwise there are the series, movies and marseille, fortunately “writes one of his secret admirer, while others are more responsive, just his question :” Home school and school of distance with my students. But it is “, ” I sleep, I eat, a little jogging in the morning, and Yes, the evening prior to the W9 ! “. Luckily, you can count on you.