PHOTO Maeva Ghennam sexy bikini, it ignites his community with Instagram


In closed systems, such as a large part of the population of the world, the Marseillaise, not his fans will forget-but not during the day with were lovely shots. In his last publication on this Saturday, may 4. april 2020.

The inclusion of a fun party for Maeva Ghennam seems to be. The star of the ninth season Marseillethis exceptional situation seems to be quite not suffer. While the user proved, especially critical after the announcement, his tests, some with justification, that they enjoyed, would have the right, the Marseillaise seems far away from controversy and prefer to keep track of the regular publication of photographs among his best day. If you are doing it, is revealed not topless in full session tan in the company of his dog, the dredging of Illan Castronovo, one of the candidates of the twelfth season Angels of reality tv :” You were always my sister… it must be the photos stop, as it is, or I’m moving to the North “he had commented under a snapshot of her in lingerie,” I am the ocean, I don’t do incest. You’re my brother ! “she had answered, √©gratignant the transition Oc√©ane, his enemy of the time. On Saturday, the 4. april, his last publication was awakened a second time, admiring comments.

“The most beautiful of the most beautiful “

Dressed cut in a Golden bikini perfectly and subtly revealed his tattoo, the young woman allows herself, a little bit of humor in the legend of publication :” Have a nice weekend my love, have you planned what ? Ah Yes, this is the birth… “. A question that tries to answer some of his fans” A beauty of the Islands ! I’ve got nothing, as usual “. A publication to respond Carla Moreaucommented with a laconic” canon “with three heartsbut also Bastien, the tenth season Secret Story which is obviously under the charm that has been his words :” Bababababaaa “. This is not the case Catalia Rasamithe ex-bookeuse and supervisor of the Marseille, which showed a little more detail :” But what a canon, I love this image, the face of an angel “. Face of an angel and the body of the dream so.