PHOTO Maeva Ghennam (The Its) small bikini, it offers a magnificent view of her butt


Blow hot on the planet of Instagram. Under the sun of Marrakech, Maeva Ghennam announced on Sunday 8. March, a post card is very sexy from in the holidays. A valued gift, which of its subscribers.

A new season of Marseille started on W9, 17.February. This year, the fans of the reality tv show discovers new heads. Barely in Mexico Océane Lhimer arrived, already shafts. To see more and more in the vicinity of Benjamin’s eyes, always in pair with Alix at the time of filming – the twin sister of the bride of Julien Guirado stops to play with fire. An attitude that disgusted ulcer every evening, the user, through the operation seduction is guided by the two candidates. This folder could burn almost disappear the Busty Maeva Ghennam the screen is. But the fans of the 22-year-old from the.

Maeva Ghennam sexy for your vacation in Marrakech

Between his expression, funny and his stories with Greg Yega, the pretty brunette is also in the centre of the attention of all. It is necessary to tell that Maeva Ghennam knows how to put himself in the foreground… and this under all circumstances. Quickly adopted by the fans Marseilleit is today at the top is a account of Instagram, which is not less than 1.4 million subscribers ! And the reward users more and more, the young woman regularly publishes shots, very sexy. On Sunday, may 8. March, this is in a very small bikini, she has the pose of a holiday in Marrakech. Back, panties very model of the series left little room for the imagination. And yet, his fans are inspired to be shown, always. “The ball is wrong “, “A bomb “, “You are sublime “, “More beautiful than the sun “you can read in the comments. And apparently, you did hurt so much in the eyes !