PHOTO Maeva Ghennam : your photo in a bikini heats up the user


On 7. March, Maeva Ghennam celebrated a big step forward on its social networks. The candidate always wanted to thank again, in Marseille, to its subscribers with a photo, very sexy.

In just a few years, Maeva a place in the hearts of the fans of the reality tv Ghennam, and Marseille. The young woman is now part of the headliner this issue, every year the same candidate to travel the world. Under these Jessica Thivenin and Thibault Garcia, Julien and Manon Tanti, Kevin Paga or Carla Moreau Breaks. On 17 February, the start was the new season Marseillein the Caribbean. A return to the fanfare, where Maeva Ghennam is again in the center of the attention in terms of his feelings for Greg Yega. The young man, madly in love, even goes so far as to set up a meeting with a shaman, in order to eradicate this love.

“Thank you for your love”

The young woman has also has shone through his support of one of her friends, Alix, to see from Benjamin’s eyes and leave him, because he is close to OcĂ©ane, a Marseillaise. A gesture that touched his subscribersin confirmation of their commitment to the young woman. And, thanks for your support, you undressed, 7. March. Maeva Ghennam has celebrated, in fact, a beautiful number : it is a total of 1.4 million subscribers on his account in Instagram are now : “1.4 million wahouuuu thank you for all your love, I love you. And a good weekend, my love, then you have found, as in this week in Marseille ?“, a-t, she writes in the legend poses in front of his new house. A large house with modern Windows, black, he renovated in an industrial style. Its subscribers have to congratulate the opportunity and praise its beauty : “You’re a bomb”, “Bravo, baby, you’re too beautiful” “These eyes”chat”“Too beautiful, I love you”, “Too beautiful, you’re great and still the same which I love ! “you could read in the comments.