PHOTO Maeva Martinez in a bikini, and his fans can’t get enough of it


This Saturday, 14. March 2020, Maeva Martinez remembered the good memories of his many and numerous fans, by the publication of a photograph of her in a bikini of the fluorescent lamps perfectly cut. Success guaranteed…

It is a micro-event that will be always in the excitement of the welded members is very swollen, a community Instagram among many others. Maeva Martinez, the former champion of the international car wash, star venerable, and ladies and gentlemen of the tenth season Secret Storycomes a new time you publish a photograph of his plastic. After a dirty adventure in the arms of Marvin Tillière, the ex-resident of the house of secrets is once again in influenceuse on Instagram, where a large community of around 900 000 members. Although it can happen to him, the young woman of twenty-eight may the year prevent to and detect, really nice images that accentuate your curves sharp. And no matter, whether in the past, the result of surgery, aesthetic surgery, the users are always quick to welcome, the beauty of your champion.

“Urgently, the sun “

So, she has a relapse this Saturday, the 14. March 2020. While the hexagon was known, heavy rainfall in the last few weeks, and the population is today, a restriction of the quarantine, the spread of the COVID-19, the young woman takes a mischievous delight, a reminder of the time of the holiday, when the sun and the warmth of spirit berçaient innocent vacationers.“Urgently, the sun “she writes in the legend of its publication. Dressed in a bikini-fluorescent tube emphasizes the tan for the competition, she caused a true avalanche of comments flattering. A nuclear bomb “,” A plane hunting “,” What is perfection to my cousin “sign and fans is entirely his thing.

Some of the show however the doubts. ” It is the part where for such a beautiful tan ? “, asks one of his admirers, “ Photoshop “answers an expert of the retouching. Others throw themselves into amazing comparisons :” Gorgeous !!! You think me better than Tokyo Casa de Papel… But “what did irritate the gift to, more than one :” But not all of it ! “,” Find the system that are not similar ! “. The discussion is launched !