PHOTO Maeva Martinez in a bikini under the sun, the user-based


Instagram knows definitely neither rain nor gray. – Timer the weather at the moment, Maeva Martinez has posted a picture of his recent vacation on the island of the meeting, this Tuesday, 10. March 2020, bringing it to a wave of heat among his many fans.

Maeva Martinez, born Maeva Pellerin, is part of his astronomical discoveries in the programs of reality tv. It is in 2016 that the audience in German, the casting for the tenth season of Secret Story. The secret international champion car wash”, a discipline with a car, soap, a plastic, is advantageous so that a certain amount of flexibility… it was,” You then as a couple with one of the candidates, Marvin Tillière. Their relationship is, unfortunately, vinegar, between violence, insults and humiliations. It is involved by the continuation of the third season The villa is the heart broken before they disappear, and television. Very active on Instagram, the announced 28-year-old only recently, his engagement with his new lover. 14. February, a date that is certainly chosen at random, published a photo of them face-to-face with the following legend :” With my whole being, I told you, Yes. I love you, “.

Funny question

The young woman is also a specialist of holiday photos, which she revealed in wide curves artificially enhanced by the artist. This Tuesday, March 10, she has to once again take a snapshot of your published in bikini Instagram, brown casual in the sun of the island of la Réunion. ” You’re really a fucking cannon “enthuses his fans. The publication is, however, accompanied by a very funny question : “ To improve if you’re trying to find something in your life now, that would be what ? “No joke, about a possible surgery, aesthetic surgery, but rather of the denominations welcome, as this unknown :” Improve and the lives of my children, because you are diabetic… “or these :” You have just enough to live another month… “Or, like the worlds, that all the know that on Instagram…