Photo: o OMG!! Pick up Selena Gomez lying in a bed with this man by doing that


Selena is the best of all, since it debuted on the Disney series, their fans have increased

Selena Gomez is an american actress and model of american-born in Texas, and there are currently only 27-years-old, both of which were good enough to get to know you and to stand out in this world that is so competitive.

Their fans, on their appearance they were in love, for her, for her angelic face, full of innocence and stole thousands of hearts with just a smile, no doubt about it.

I recently ran across a photo on its official account of Instagram, which has left a lot to think about, because if you see the singer lying down with a man who carries with him an outfit for the bear.

The picture, of which we have spoken, he mentions the following: “(I miss when @itsbennyblanco was a bear,” and, as it turned out, their fans enloquecieron, with only the second publication of the order.

Between each of the clients, we highlight the following: “that, the beautiful that are seen there, all pulled on that bed looks very comfortable, I asked if I could join them, jajajajaj I love you Selena you are a unique, you do not forget it”.