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That’s all we’re talking about: From her red carpet to the 76th Cannes Film Festival, everyone wants me hair very long and healthy of Jennifer Lawrence. Mockingjay The Hunger Games he is one of the Hollywood stars who, in terms of hairstyles, are most distinguished by their variability. In fact, throughout her career, the actress (a natural blonde) has tried all sorts of colors and hairstyles, from Katniss’ chestnut braid to to a sandy pixie, asymmetrical and long bun, to a thousand bob options (including icy shades). Now, regarding the various promotional tour stops for his new film, No offense(in Italian girlfriend for rentJennifer Lawrence dazzled the audience by turning on the nuance summer 2023: A precious honey blonde, very similar to golden hour hair, a shade that reflects the light emitted by the sun a few minutes before sunset.

Summer 2023 Hair News: How to Get Jennifer Lawrence XXL Hair and Precious Apple Blonde Hair

That expensive honey blonde is the shade everyone wants summer 2023 there is no doubt. It is a warm golden hue, pigmented like sand at sunset, which gives it hair trends this year they prefer cold tones of ice and ash. Witness the change in appearance Jennifer Lawrence, everyone is also talking about because of the very soft XXL length; an example of healthy and strong hair from which to draw inspiration for personal care. To get long strands that release energy and vitality like an actress, Cosmopolitan Italy came up with a series of must-have products for this season.

Jennifer Lawrence’s new look: products for long and healthy hair for the summer of 2023

OUR long hair they are difficult to keep healthy: in fact, they are often damaged, weakened, and the color loses its intensity, becoming opaque. To get long and healthy hair like Jennifer Lawrence, Cosmopolitan Italy recommends first of all to bet once every two to three weeks on a restructuring and protective mask containing keratin. An action that can be combined with an acid rinse sprayed on the hair before combing for softness and shine, or with coconut, argan, olive, jojoba or sweet almond oil.

Centifolia Bio par nature Acid Lotion Rinse

Acidic rinse lotion

Centifolia Bio par nature Acid Lotion Rinse

Alama professional Revitalizing and protective mask

Restructuring and protective mask

Alama professional Revitalizing and protective mask

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