PHOTO of Ashley Graham in bikini-red, shows you a stunning neckline


18. in January, the supermodel Ashley Graham and her husband, the film’s Director, Justin Ervin, she received her first child : the little Isaac. A wonderful message that the couple is moving to share quickly on social networks. And to flow when the images starts for the eighth wonder of the world on the account Instagram of the mother, not forget, however, his contractual obligations. On the occasion of Valentine’s day, hence, it has a template, through the promotion of a brand, a bathing suit, everything, and presented an impressive cleavage.

Pair since 2009 and married since august 2010, Ashley Graham Justin Ervin had the pleasure welcome their first child, Isaac, the 18. January 2020. The pregnancy, of course, was the subject of the attention of all and meticulously documented. The U.S. model had, in the simplest camera, showing graceful curves, and an impressive baby bump. Since the birth of the couple that makes it to a Protocol to be very precise, by the information only comes out in drips. So, the first photo was that we are the hand of the newborn, disproportionately small compared to his parents. Then the revelation of the name is not in front of finally came, a few weeks later that the model is published, other images can be curious in breastfeeding, to the greatest delight of his fans more and more. Enjoy the Valentine’s day, the mommy’s boy again with his good old habits, by using a cliché, sensual and at the same time, the promotion of a brand swimsuit.

“Treat yourself ! “

To reveal the embodiment of the movement, the body positive, the model, and does not hesitate, and his body, some of the count-down tendencies-platform Instagram as if you are revealing your stretch marks, what are the admiration and the gratitude of his community. But she also knows affrioler his numerous fans and shows her flawless plastic, input from leading photographers such as Patrick Demarchelier. On the occasion of Valentine’s day, so she has a relapse, by a photograph in a red bikini that emphasized a section of dizzying.A striking beauty is “, says one of his fans, while another him a resemblance to a well-known actress is :” A goddess!!!! You’re much to Eva Mendes in these photos, it took me only a few seconds ! “It is true that it is like a little air…