Photo: Selena Gomez shows off a tattoo he has on his derrier without the fear of the QUESTION!


The artist managed to steal the hearts of all men, as to the operation, it has been reported more and more with their fans that they have made prayers, and will improve

Selena Gomez is a singer from united states, 27 years of age, in which he has participated in the series of Disney’s “Wizards of waverly place”, and then, from there, you sang the other series that have given the hit that he needed to do in order to succeed in your career.

After starring in a series with Disney, and Selena decided to share a very long relationship with Justin Bieber, it was the ending that many fans wanted, because, unfortunately, their relationship has terminated, from time to time.

More recently, we have seen a picture on their official twitter of the Instagram of Selena, who has left her fans puzzled, as she shows no fear on a tattoo that you have placed in your derrier.

The postcard picture of Selena Gomez, cites the following: “do you Love day.. more to come..” without a doubt, that his fans did not hesitate to comment on the beautiful pictures, the Better, as it is, without doubt, they were all amazed.

Among the users of the card, we can point out: ‘You, you have to become a very beautiful woman,” but U look so good wth that weight on,” “Some day she will regret her tattoos” “U look so good wth that weight on,” Praying hand “really interesting”