PHOTO Shy ‘ m on the beach in a bikini, your subscribers will be under the charm


This Saturday, 21. March 2020 on Instagram, Shy ‘ m new photos of a different his last holiday. What your admirers are sure to captivate the faithful.

Containment required, it is absolutely not the nose is recommended. If some French are sometimes by the detection of a form of independence, the mind inevitably moved to, in times of pandemic, the celebrities show that solidarity and education, the extreme opposite of their community. This is the case of the Shy ‘ m, which recently has one of his hidden talent on Instagram. The former judge of Dancing with the starsin fact, Internet users are surprised to draw his self-portrait ! A simple activity, and adequate practice quietly at home. The singer is in the rest of the new season of the series shows Profiling aired on TF1. An intense experience, as the familiar in the columns of the Paris :” I’ve only been coaching for three weeks, it is hyper-fast, real education accelerated. I’m fragile. But the team has let me know very quickly that I welcome. ” The partner game, Philippe Bas, however, is drawn to the positive criticism of the audience, surprised by his talents as an actress : “I take what I said to : Shy’ m, which is in profile, great “, “ The arrival of the Shy ‘ m, in the team is excellent “you could read on Twitter the day after the release of the first episode.

Celebrate the spring

This Saturday, 21. March 2020, the thirty year old, to celebrate the arrival of spring, by a series of five photographs from his recent vacation. On a secluded beach at sunset, the clichés, the us, the ways in bikini just mischief with the waves. ” For free !! And for the spring-at-home also “she writes in the legend. While some detectives sought the recognition of the beach in question, other remerciaient the star of such a publication, particularly of a different kind :” Thank you, that’s good “, “ Please send us a few pictures, the dream of me “. Others have welcomed, of course, the quality of the publication :” Oohh my god ! Tamara, you’re a goddess clearly … charm and sensuality sensuality and attraction x100 “,” A beauty on the deserted beach “. Tina Kunakey away from his little smiley with hearts instead of eyes. Urgently the summer !