PHOTO Tina Kunakey not posing casually in a bikini, Vincent Cassel is still


It is almost a chestnut, except it was more like a coconut palm. This Sunday, the 16. in February, the model Tina Kunakey again Instagram gifted a snapshot sensual. Casually leaning against the trunk of a tree at the edge of the ocean, the wife of Vincent Cassel, is even more excellent by its beauty.

If it is grey, threatening and the wind were measured, rain and hail, it’s almost healing, the refuge on Instagram, to be sure, a good dose of sun and relaxation. He must decide, however, your artificial Paradise with great care, under penalty, see gros-jean. Fortunately, these Naiads, specialists, treatments-express of melanin is as Tina Kunakey the undisputed ruler is and remains. The wife of Vincent Cassel, is, in fact, the clich├ęs used to Sunny. Since it is installed, in Brazil, the couple has made it to irradiate itself the task of social networksin the mission, which they fulfill with great talent. The mom of the little Amazon region is, therefore, a remedy that in the darkness. From the beaches of Brazil, the young woman takes a wicked joy, you multiply the seductive poses, for the biggest happiness of their community.

“Brasileira de Toulouse “

On Sunday, the 16 February, so it is, quite simply, that they offered a new snapshot of around. Casually leaning against a coconut tree, not far from the sea, the model figure, plastic, sculptural, barely concealed by a bikini in black. Photography has, of course, reactions flaming in the comments, such as the Smet by Laura, if the empowerment to a small, but oh, how insightful “ ula “refined emoticon, fire, and heart. But this is also in the dedication of his spouse, wins all the votes :” Brasileira de Toulouse “says sober actor Vincent Cassel, to maintain thereby the reaction of his beloved, who meets him a simple “HAHA “. A-do-ra-tion.