Photographed by The New York Times. Britney Spears’ documentary series to be released on streaming platforms

A documentary redefines Britney Spears' career. (Photo: Still from film)

Documentary series entitled Framing Britney Spears ( accusing Britney Spears), dedicated to the pop singer will be released on February 5 at strimingovyh platforms FX and Hulu.

The documentary, filmed by The New York Times, describes it as “redefining [Spears] ‘s career and offering a re-evaluation of the movement rallied against her court-sanctioned guardianship.”

In the trailer, one of the interlocutors says: “The way we treated her was disgusting.”

Since 2008, for 13 years, the singer has been living under the tutelage of Jamie Spears’ father, as well as attorney Andrew Wallet, who voluntarily renounced this in March 2019.

The series will premiere at a pivotal moment in Spears’ ongoing custody trial. Spears’ attorney Sam Ingham said last year that her client was ” afraid” of her father and said she would no longer speak while she remains her guardian.

“She admitted that the guardianship was about to happen, but she didn’t want her father to be the guardian,” the trailer says.