Photos and videos: the dog that looks like a giraffe and went viral

Brodie, an Azawakh, a sighthound related to greyhound and whippet, was rescued by Louisa Crook as a puppy after being hit by a car. Unfortunately, Brodie had to have a front leg and shoulder amputated after the accident.

Azawakhs, or sighthounds, already have extremely long necks, but the amputation makes Brodie appear even more elongated.

Louisa who saved him from death said: “Brodie is absolutely the most beautiful dog I think I will ever see. I am a fan of sighthounds and Azawakhs are one of my favorite breeds. Even in the state Brodie was in when I saw it for the first time unable to walk and in so much pain, it still took my breath away. I have never seen an Azawakh in the flesh before, as they are not a common breed. “

“It has a very long neck, but it looks ridiculously long from certain angles because his missing shoulder makes him slimmer at the base of his neck. So sometimes it looks like it’s just a big neck with legs attached, although only three of them “, commented the woman.

“I have a very special bond with Brodie. He always seems so grateful for his new life after leaving hell that the awful thing he had it in after his car accident. He is incredibly sweet to me. He loves early mornings in the kitchen with me when none of my other dogs are awake and he has me to himself. He is the only morning person I have in my life, “he added.

“People always ask what it is when they see it. Not many people know the breed. And then of course what happened to him that he lost a leg. Above all, people love their spots “, its owner also said that “Brodie is the dog I look at when I need to stop feeling sorry for myself. I will never have it as bad as him and he overcame it like nothing and with a smile on his face, “as he published Dailymail.

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