Photos: Arnold Schwarzenegger Shows off His la Mansion to Mike Tyson and Henry Cejudo

Henry Cejudo enjoyed visiting Arnold Schwarzenegger's home as a child.

Henry was the most excited about the visit, having even taken a photograph next to the famous statue that shows Arnold in his days as a bodybuilder

Actor Arnold Schwarzenegger, 73, recently had two luxury guests at his imposing mansion in Los Angeles, California, as we can see in a series of videos and photos shared on Instagram.

The former governor of California received in his beautiful home the visit of two legends of boxing and mixed martial arts, such as Mike Tyson and Henry Cejudo, the latter being the most excited with the ‘house tour’ he gave them.

Through his Instagram account, the expeller of Mexican origin took us to know some of the most intimate corners of the residence of the famous ‘Terminator’.


The lobby draws attention to the replica of the Statue of Liberty that adorns this little corner of the house, but also for the works of art that adorn its walls.


The kitchen showed her off to us as she posed for the lens in the company of Arnold himself and Rob Hickman, the CEO of Tyson Ranch.

Thanks to this material, we could see that the room is quite spacious and that it is made up of a beige cupboard, high-end appliances, and a central island.


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Television room

The TV room has brown-colored sofas, with a fireplace, as well as a television set against a stone wall.


Chess room

The chess room, located right next to the television room, is made up of a square table for four people, as well as some picturesque black and white paintings and photographs that turn this space into a true art gallery.

Mike and Arnold were the ones who enjoyed the room the most, as they wanted to demonstrate their skill for this discipline and, incidentally, make it clear who was the best.


The resort-style pool was Henry’s most enjoyed site, having taken several postcards there, including one in which he is seen posing with the legendary ‘Conan’ sword, one of Arnold’s most treasured treasures.

The inevitable photograph was also taken next to a statue that reminds Arnold of his times as a bodybuilder, which is located on a stone and in the highest part of the pool.

The visit of Mike Tyson and Henry Cejudo took place, on Tuesday, April 13, with the purpose of recording there an episode of the podcast ‘Hotboxing’, a broadcast led by the ex-boxer himself.


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