Photos – Chloé Jouannet offers herself an evening with the family, in full confinement!


This November 26, Chloé Jouannet spent the evening with her aunt, Audrey Lamy, and her uncle Thomas Sabatier, at home.

A few days ago, she confided Télé 7 jours: ” I grew up surrounded by girls “, and thus paid tribute to the positive influence of her mother, Alexandra Lamy, of her aunt, Audrey Lamy, of her two little sisters. as well as her mother-in-law (Armelle Deutsch, companion of her dad, Thomas Jouannet, who is also an actress). At 23, Chloé Jouannet is a well-surrounded young actress.

Gathered in full confinement

And during confinement, the star of a web series, “Derby Girl”, broadcast on France. tv, made rare exceptions to see her relatives. This is how on November 26, we saw her in a series of stories on Instagram, in the company of her aunt, Audrey Lamy, the latter’s companion Thomas Sabatier (who has been in her life for 12 years) and Nikola Lange, the creator of the “Derby Girl” series.

Gathered at less than 6, (since contact must be limited as much as possible during the Covid-19 pandemic), the happy little band sipped a few beers around a table, and did not make much respect. barrier gestures. Meanwhile, containment is still ongoing. On November 24, French President Emmanuel Macron announced the next gradual steps in easing confinement.

What does the law say about family dates?

As a reminder, the next meetings for the French will be on November 28 and December 15. If from next Saturday, we will be able to travel 20 kilometers and for a maximum of 3 hours, this “is not intended to facilitate visits to friends and family” specifies the government.

From December 15, deconfinement could be considered if the figures allow it (less than 5,000 contaminations per day). However, a curfew will then be established from 9 p.m. to 6 a.m. with the exception of Christmas Eve on December 24 and 31, specifies the official website. Regarding Christmas and New Year’s Day, the Head of State is categorical: “We will be able to move around freely (…) to share these moments with the family”. It’s Chloé Jouannet who will be happy!