Photos from the Dolce & Gabbana fashion show leave no doubt

Simone Susinna29 years old, well known to the public for her participation in the reality showfamous island (and finished second) and for his performance in the film “another 365 days“, the sequel to the erotic film Netflix,365 days“, where he plays next to the hero Michael Morrone, simon is also a Sample Which are in great demand by the most famous brands dolce and gabbana, just during the last the parade The actor has published some stories on the Italian brand Instagram With a Brazilian pop star who is famous all over the world. Both Stefano Dolce and Domenico Gabbana were guests at the fashion show which was held albertobelloIn Puglia And many have seen him in many moods intimate Between them, caresses and fiery glances are exchanged. What will happen between the two? A story by Simone Susinna reveals everything and leaves no doubt.

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personal life of Simone Susinna has been the focus of many Rumor From his participation in Isola dei Famosi. The model was engaged to ex Jiffina Mariana Rodriguezand flirted with ex miss italy, Carolina Stormare, after alleged rumors about him HomosexualityAfter some hot scenes with Michele Morrone on the set of the “365 Days” sequel, Simone has found peace in the arms of the Brazilian pop star. Anita (30 years).

both were spotted together Pugliaat the fashion show of dolce and gabbanatrulli beech albertobello And their chemistry immediately caught the attention of the curious. that a new one was born Dear, The couple of summer has already been defined between shots warm and sensuous smile, but even more attention-grabbing were the posts the two published on Instagram. Simone Susinna published a series of footage from the event, including a behind-the-scenes footage in which he is pictured with Anita by the pool and later, a video in which he kisses Anita Feet Girl’s

There Relationship Judging by Simone’s story on Instagram this morning, there would seem to be a growing interest (or presence) between the two in which she resumes Anita Training on the elliptical with the words: “Best morning”.

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