Photos: Jessica Simpson celebrates her birthday 39, and the “Diet Factor 5” is your secret for staying in shape


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Jessica Simpson celebrated large his 39 years. Taking advantage of that is the middle of summer, the singer, actress and a devoted mother of three, was taken to a free evening with her friends to a theme party at the swimming pool.

Jessica looked better than ever a look style eighties: she finished off her bikini in leopard print with a striking glasses “wings” and a LOT of rhinestones of colors.

With almost 40 years of age, Jessica is kept beautiful, sensual and always full. Although the majority of their routines of beauty is a secret, has left few clues of their tips by their publications in networks.

If Jessica has managed to stay so sexy even today, it is thanks in large part to the so-called “Diet Factor 5”, devised by the nutritionist Harley Pasternak.

Jessica has spoken to since its inception of your genetic tendency to gain weight, and even then he understood that first it was his health, Diet Factor 5 is something that keeps in constant consultation with your doctor when you start to feel significant increases in its size.

The diet of Jessica is simple, but it is not for all, should be reconsidered for each case because it has nutritional requirements that are high in protein and the rate of strict eating no snacks between meals.

Diet Factor 5, Jessica makes meaning of his name when it is explained to the detail: five meals per day by combining only five ingredients priority: meat, fish, carbohydrates with low glycemic index, fats, vegetables, cereals high in fiber and water simple.

By now Jessica is withdrawal of the scenarios, so that is dedicated to being a full-time mother to Maxwell Drew Ace Knute and the small: Birdie Mae.

The singer shared freely their difficult moments during the most recent pregnancy, by encouraging his followers to “accept that they are human” and “giving yourself permission to not look perfect”.

On numerous occasions, showed her baby bump at the natural before the arrival of Birdie Mae.

Currently, in addition to go sporadically to the red carpet with her husband Eric Johnson —a former professional football player— Jessica begins to stand out as influencer, do you already follow?

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