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Actress porn colombian Esperanza Gomez of 39 years, not only delights his followers with his films, but also through their social networks.

The born in the town of Belalcázar loves to pamper their fans with images and videos that show in sexy underwear or in skimpy bikinis.

Some of your materials to the exhibit to the interior and exterior of your apartment, being the balcony of one of their favorite places to perform their sultry photo shoots.

Then you share some details of the apartment that this renowned model shares with her lucky husband in the city of Miami, in Florida.


The kitchen of their apartment is open and has a cupboard of gray color.

As well as a island to the center where the actress prepares aphrodisiac foods, wash the dishes and eat breakfast, with space for two people.

Dining room

The dining room is small, so that only a round table of glass with space for four chairs of golden colour.


Living in an apartment is not an impediment to this actress in the adult entertainment stop exercising, having cobbled together a gym in your stay.

Master bedroom

The recamará main is located to one side of the room, a tv room and is equipped with a large bed with a lead-gray color and bedding-dark, making a perfect contrast with the light tone of the pillows.

Since the room has a beautiful view of the city.

Tv room

Before leaving the balcony is a tv room composed of a sofa for three persons, a coffee table, made of small tree trunks and glass, as well as a tv placed on a piece of furniture.


The balcony is, without a doubt, one of his favorite places, the love to see from the heights the city of Miami in her tiny underwear.

That part of the house also stands out for its plants, for its center table circular and its two chairs, in which Hope like to sit to the delight of their neighbors.