PHOTOS – Miss France 2021: Amandine Petit attacked because of a photo with Didier Deschamps


It’s not easy every day to be Miss France!

In front of more than 8.6 million viewers, this December 18, it was  Amandine Petit who was crowned Miss France 2021  at Puy du Fou. Since then, the beauty queen has multiplied the interviews. And at the turn of an interview with Télé Loisirs, she had also thrown a huge scoop!

La Normande is close to a Koh-Lanta candidate that the televores know well:  Dorian, seen in the edition “Les 4 Terres” , on TF1, in 2020. To our colleagues, she confessed: “Dorian is a Caen and like what in Caen, we have sacred nuggets! ”  About their meeting, the blonde with blue eyes said: “We met several times in interviews with the press. It’s great because we were not defending the same project, but we have the same values: l ambition, dynamism and positivity. We immediately found each other very good. “

And even if she seems to love her new role of Miss, it must be said that there are less sympathetic aspects in this function … Indeed, Saturday January 23, the young woman shared a selfie on her Instagram account. Photo on which she poses alongside Didier Deschamps.

In caption, she writes: “Last night, I had the honor of meeting a double world champion, Didier Deschamps. If surpassing oneself is a denominator that we have in common, we also had the same reason for to be yesterday on the set of the Grand Concours des Animateurs. Indeed, it is alongside the sponsor of the Yellow Pieces operation that I wanted to convey to you a beautiful message of support in order to improve the welcome and comfort of children, adolescents and family caregivers in their care path. So even if our speech is imperfect, it was natural and spontaneous for a cause that is close to my heart because we can all be concerned. Thank you for your commitment Didier Deschamps, and thanks to  @ tf1  for welcoming me to carry this message. “


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 She then calls on her subscribers to donate to the foundation. A very nice initiative! And if on the publication, Amandine appears with absolutely sublime beauty and Didier Deschamps beaming with a magnificent dentition, a small detail has not escaped the Internet … In comments, they are bent on … “She has lipstick on her teeth “,” There is a filter problem, science fiction there, isn’t it? “,” Why put a filter … “  we can read.

And other subscribers noted the fact that neither Amandine nor Didier wore masks …