Photoshop abuse plays a trick on Khloé Kardashian

Khloé Kardashian is back at the center of the controversy after abusing, again, digital retouching in the photographs she posts on her social media. On this occasion, the television has gone hand in hand with Photoshop to such an extent that in the snapshot you can see up to six fingers on one of its feet. A fact that has not been overlooked by her millions of followers who have quickly exploded against her.

It all came into being when Kim Kardashian’s sister posted a bikini image to promote her brand on her Instagram profile where she has more than 163 million followers. His followers, who never lose detail of anything and are aware of everything, detected “something strange” in the photograph. And it is that in the foot of Khloé there are up to six toes in an exaggeratedly long and smooth foot. “Did you lose your little finger or use more filter?” one user asked. “Those feet don’t look good,” replied another.

Many other followers chose to recommend to their idol to stop abusing digital touch-ups as they consider it not necessary. The television has not stopped receiving a multitude of criticisms where many of them recommend, with great respect, that you opt for naturalness in your social networks. Some of them make it clear that the abuse of Photoshop triggers in some proportions of the image that are out of place. “Friend, the distortion in your feet shows that you edit your photos. Show your true self,” says one user.

It’s not the first time

As curious as it may seem, it is not the first time that some of the women of the ‘Kardashian clan’ sin of wearing six toes on their feet. A few months ago, Kim Kardashian also grabbed all the spotlights with a very similar snapshot where she appeared with an overy pinky. At the time, the successful businesswoman explained that “the effect” was due to the fact that, when she wore sandals, her feet were crushed and that it had nothing to do with Photoshop. “Okay, so everyone thinks I have six toes on my feet, and it’s really wild,” the TV star joked.


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