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The high temperatures of the summer of San Juan alert athletes and fans of physical activity to add care in their daily workouts. In the same way, many question whether or not to start moving at this time, and thus other doubts arise when training or starting a sports practice. Pablo Quiroga, Physical Education teacher, owner of the Allena gym, revealed everything there is to know to take care of the body at this time of year.

Allena is the only mobile gym in the province that in the last months of the year was in a public square, in addition to the private home, with classes that will return in February. At the same time it offers swimming for children, all activities supervised by Pablo Quiroga and Luciana Puiggros, also a Physical Education teacher.

-What are the ideal sports or physical activities for the San Juan summer?

Any activity that you like is good in this or any other season, you just have to take into account the hours in which it can be done, the heat, the sun, the hydration. It is very important to be physically active all year round and that is what I always advise.

– With so much heat, what is the ideal time for hiking, trekking or running?

Normally what you have to avoid is the siesta time, from 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m., it is not convenient, unless you do it in a place with a lot of shade. In that time range you should not do physical activity in the sun, except in a pool. The rest of the day at the time that each one can.

– Cyclists usually go out for a nap, is it advisable?

It is a custom that has been installed among cyclists, and the truth is that I do not know how to resist. I think it is overexerted because it is dangerous to go out on the road with 40 degrees pedaling at a high intensity. I would not advise it, but I know they do so in this case I suggest protecting yourself from the sun, hydrating well and being prudent.

– Is it a myth or reality that if the temperature exceeds 40 degrees, physical activity should not be carried out?

It is a myth, there is nothing scientific to support it. It is only recommended for a matter of air density, due to heat strokes, especially if you are not in the shade or well protected, it can be harmful. We know that 40 degrees here are usually very heavy and it is advisable not to exercise until the temperature lessens a bit.

– What is the importance of hydration and nutrition at this time?

Both are key to the practice of any physical activity, since whoever is well hydrated will have a different performance compared to whoever does not, and I mean to hydrate not only during exercise, but also before and after. Food is vital, eating light and healthy is essential to have the necessary energy. Do not forget that to be healthy, food contributes 70 percent and physical activity the other 30.

– Are there more suitable activities than others according to the age of each person?

I don’t think there are more age-appropriate activities, but there are suitable activities according to the physical conditions of each one. For example, if someone is overweight, they should not think about practices that have an impact, if not something more enjoyable such as walking, cycling, everything will depend on the morphology and the state of each person. You have to take into account if you have diseases or any pathology that prevents you from doing any exercise.

– To start the gym or any other physical activity, what must be taken into account?

I always recommend having a general check-up with the family doctor, or in a clinical center to know how our body is, if there is high cholesterol, fatty liver, how is the heart, a general check-up to just start with some physical activity in a gym or wherever. Of course, you must be advised by a professional who is the one who will know what exercises to do and their intensity to optimize the objectives to be achieved.

* If you are older you cannot start a physical activity. It’s false. Any age is good to start, it is always advisable to exercise. You just have to analyze the physical and emotional conditions of each one. Scientific evidence shows that regular physical activity improves the health and quality of life of older adults as it helps prevent cardiovascular diseases, osteoarthritis and hypertension, among other common diseases, and is beneficial for mental health and function cognitive. For this group, the recommendation is to perform at least 30 minutes of moderate intensity physical activity 5 days a week.

* Doing physical activity is expensive. You need special sportswear and pay for classes or for the use of sports facilities. It’s false: You can be physically active practically anywhere at no cost. You don’t have to be a member of a club or gym to be active. Walking is the most practiced and recommended physical activity and it is completely free. Climbing stairs instead of elevators, carrying groceries, and cleaning the house are good complementary physical activities. In addition, most urban areas have public squares, parks and pedestrian areas for walking, running, cycling or playing.

* Doing physical activity requires a lot of time. It’s false: According to the World Health Organization, 30 minutes of moderate physical activity almost every day is enough to improve health and prevent disease. These 30 minutes can accumulate throughout the day: for example, 10 minutes of brisk walking at three times of the day. The activity can be incorporated into the work or domestic routine, without having to look for a special moment to do it.

* Children have a lot of energy and are in constant movement. It is not necessary to promote physical activity because they are very active. It is false: The international recommendation indicates that school-age children, to have a healthy development, should accumulate at least 60 minutes a day of physical activity of moderate or vigorous intensity. The global trend indicates that the physical activity of children and young people is decreasing, especially in urban areas and that more than two thirds of young people do not perform the physical activity necessary to guarantee their current and future well-being.

Source: Inter-American Heart Federation-Argentina

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