Physical and psychosocial well-being, the formula to retain talent in companies according to Kairós DS

Companies that offer more satisfaction to their staff retain talent better and increase productivity. Physical and psychosocial well-being are some of the keys that improve the work environment

Companies that offer more satisfaction to their staff retain talent better and increase productivity. Physical and psychosocial well-being are some of the keys that improve the work environment

Working is an indispensable part of life. Not only does it provide financial means, but it is (or should be) a space for socialization, learning and personal development. So, in addition to doing it in exchange for a salary, it is also necessary to be able to feel that the workplace is another place to live life.

The corporate culture proposals that seek to improve communication between employees, as well as maintain a channel with management positions, allow environments much more empathic with the needs of workers.

Companies that are sensitive to these issues tend to encourage access to services and benefits that allow workers to live and carry out their activity in a healthier way. That’s where one of the the keys to business success; the concern to value, attract and retain talent.

Similarly, companies like Google, ADIF or Sodexo They offer additional benefits to take care of their employees, ranging from having a chef on the premises, to offering leisure plans or psychological care.

The technology company Kairós DS, It is also one of those companies that appears time and again in the rankings of the best places to work. “It is a combination of identifying projects that really contribute to teams and clients, and being able to offer a safe space in which to develop “, reflects Irene M. Morgado, Head of Talent & Brand at Kairós DS Spain. “We have an area of ​​professionals specialized in listening to workers, and taking them into account.”

“Among the benefits that we offer at Kairós DS, are access to mental health services and shareholding of the company; whether they are old colleagues or newcomers. It is a clear commitment to those people who work with us, giving them a voice in the affairs of the company and involving them in its development ”, says Irene.

Leadership and diversity
Diversity is also key to being a “great place to work”. Diverse teams are more creative than homogeneous teams. In addition to promoting fair treatment and offering a quality work experience, both to male and female employees more juniors as the most seniors.

It means that each person, regardless of their role in the organization, their gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity or religion, etc., can be themselves in their workplace. For this, it is necessary to promote diversity and inclusion policies in the company.

According to Adecco Foundation, diversity applied to talent in companies should not respond to quotas or prejudices, but rather to competences, skills, experiences, knowledge, values ​​and attitudes different contributions contributed by people who complement each other to create a competitive team that responds to the needs of the market and society. With this vision it is taken for granted that talent does not understand labels but quite the opposite.

All this gives good results if, in addition, it is accompanied by a good leadership, based on credibility, respect, fairness and camaraderie. In a highly competitive job market, such as technology, caring for people with good practices is priceless.

“If we think about leadership, there are few variables so closely associated with the culture of our company as respect for all people”, Irene asserts. “We try to project it to all teams, listening and responding to the needs that arise, and trying to find tools that help us be closer to them.”

Being a great place to work is profitable and efficient
Managing a team of workers with high levels of satisfaction translates into a positive impact for the organization. According to the study carried out by the certifying body Great Place to Work on publicly traded companies with Great Place to Work certification, these companies receive a direct impact on their stock index, obtaining a return of three times more than the competitors thanks to this certification.

Likewise, companies that have made an ambitious commitment to work-life balance plans or that were ahead of time to implement teleworking days before the pandemic, such as Orange, have discovered that worker productivity does not decrease, but increases by 30%, also reducing many of the expenses associated with the so-called “presenteeism”; the tendency to be in the workplace more hours than established, sometimes for no reason.

Making a company a “great place to work” not only results in the well-being of the people who work in it, but also helps identify and eliminate inefficiencies, optimizes workflows, increases productivity and, finally, makes the company more profitable and more likely to attract investment.

About Kairós DS
Kairós DS is a leading Spanish multinational company in Business Agility, being a benchmark company in organizational change management projects and construction of solutions and valuable products in the field of digital transformation. It offers a complete and comprehensive process, where all its organizational and methodological capabilities come into play to help its clients design end-to-end processes under Agile and Lean frameworks.

It has a presence in Spain, Mexico, Peru, Colombia and Singapore, also carrying out projects in Brazil, the UK and the US. Manages more than 100 clients applying effective, fast and agile management models, training organizations to innovate and adapt.

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