Physics or chemistry, Los hombres de Paco and El internado return to television


In Atresmedia are moving three projects at the same time as Los hombres de Paco, Physics or chemistry and The internship
. The three have in common that they were released more than a decade ago (between 2005 and 2008) and had a successful unquestionable-in Antenna 3. Perhaps the reaction facilona is to consider whether the corporation has run out of ideas look backward to produce new projects. This would be a very simplistic view of the situation.

What is being done from the corporation is to assimilate a model television more in line with the american studies to take advantage of the reputation that they have to create new series and to keep alive the series production in a context where they have ceased to be the star products of the prime time . And, if in the united States is resucitaban series as Roseanne, girls, Gilmore, Will and Grace, 24 or The X Files , it was incomprehensible that the Spanish tv did not have the same agility to recover classic of its recent history.

The corporation no longer produces just for their channels: also for Atresplayer and for third parties

Each one of these revivals obeys a different goal. In the case of Los hombres de Paco the project is developed with Antenna 3-in-mind. From the canal of San Sebastian of the Kings want to rescue the police brigade Paco (Paco Tous) for the prime time and see if this retrieves part of the four million viewers who watched the comedy drama that launched actors such as Mario Casas, Hugo Silva and Michelle Jenner to stardom. In times like the present where a series of open have problems holding two million each and every week passes in direct, a revival of Los hombres de Paco has as its goal the creation of the event in traditional grill. Series such as Roseanne , The X Files or Will and Grace I worked as a minimum in your new boot.

In the case of Physical or chemical instead, it is developing a miniseries for the streaming service Atresplayer Premium. What does this mean? The sequel to the drama teen was used as a school for Úrsula Corberó ( The house of paper ), Maxi Iglesias ( Velvet ) and Javier Calvo ( Paquita Rooms only you can see in the platform content. It is the recovery of television, therefore, with another mission: that the three millions of young men who saw the series they are interested in to register in the platform of payment national already issued in exclusive series like The knot
, Luimelia and Poison in addition to the series as The fence or Lies that at some point you will see in Antena 3 but preestrenan in the service.



And, finally, the coronavirus did that stop the shooting

The internship: The Summits,
he recovered and the brand that started Ana de Armas and Blanca Suárez. He will tell the adventures and mysteries of a new generation of students of a boarding school called The Peaks between those who stand out Claudia Riera (I l hoquei) and Mina el Hammani (Elite). There is No better example than this to understand the purpose of Atresmedia Studios, a subsidiary of fiction of Atresmedia created in February of 2019: since the corporation already not only produces series for themselves but also third parties such as Amazon Prime Video, who will issue the new boarding school.

With this mentality of study, in Atresmedia ensure to increase the production of fiction and put a value on the know-how developed in the last decades. The recovery of the classic recent is the logical consequence of this change. In the end, Movistar, Fox or Netflix bought brands Velvet , Vis-a-vis and The house of paper to occur seasons new themselves and don’t was anything wrong. Why wouldn’t I Atresmedia to retrieve sets of their catalog to produce themselves new episodes, whether for your channels for your platform or content to third parties?