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A-Rod shows Jennifer Lopez out of alignment: you'll be in another Super Bowl?

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A-Rod shows Jennifer Lopez out of alignment: you’ll be in another Super Bowl?

Jennifer Lopez is one of the famous it reaches up to the sky with his presence and with your setup, every time you go to a red carpet or at an event of the size of the Golden Globes or memorial service in honor of Kobe Bryant. But 50 years ago, the Diva from the Bronx, also fails to see that when you’re at home, it is an ordinary woman who doesn’t care about being well made, or full of glamour.

And on this occasion it was the groom himself, the expelotero Alex Rodriguez, who in the delate by a video that is shared on your social networks, which made it clear that as it shows your loved one just a few minutes after I had got up, with her hair desarreglado, and without any help from the cosmetic to the face.

The former star of the Yankees, signed with the artist’s “let’s Get Loud”, while it started as a routine exercise close to her home, with her as normal.

At the clip of A-Rod, you see She’s running back to back with a jumper from the neck of a turtle, some pants, a grey and a tennis court, and at the same time that it releases a kind of fists in the air, as part of their training, as to be in the Fight.
In the video, it is worth noting that J. J.’s face is flushed, and a little bit out of alignment, with her hair tied up in a bun-rigged in the back and curls on the face, on the part of the body.

“Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, dale, Rocky, remember, if you have the Super Bowl in Tampa, he, he… ok, I it, you take a nap”, you can hear them say, Alex, as you go through the Diva from the Bronx with his camera, and if you listen to the famous song from the movie Rocky.
When you post your video to their networks, and the exdeportista he also mentioned that next year is a brand new Super Bowl, where j He has been this year, what made you think that, perhaps, is the artist’s hope that the re-invite him or her to 2021.

“352 díás up to the Super Bowl LV. The training starts from now on. The second part of it,” was the remark with which Rodriguez watched the funny video.

And it has been such a success in the publication of the exbeisbolista, which is in a couple of hours, the video reached over 2 million views.

Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez have announced publicly that Cupid was killed with an arrow, there’s a couple of years ago, and since then, she expelotero if you have made a couple of the more “hot” in the world of entertainment. For many of you, your story looks like the output of a fairy tale, the one that leads to the click on, which they were able to do that, even with their families earlier than, as a result of your past marriage (s), the A-Rod ends up making a confession that you probably won’t fall very well on the last ex-husband of J. Lo.

In a confession, in the past year, the expelotero said that even though their love has grown in time as soon as you have known, when they were both single, it was released as the eye of the hací a very long time, and he did not hesitate to recall more than a decade later, that singer, he was a great illusion.

So if you like the clip is hanging on by a exdeportista, where a reporter’s question at the end of the game, Which would be the date of your dreams? If you could choose for any woman on the planet, and he, without hesitation, and not knowing, that years later, fate would make her, and spoke to the king.

“Jennifer Lopez,” said the expelotero, with a smile, adding that he hoped to one day be able to have a meeting with the then-wife of the singer of “And then there was one”.