Piedone, a new Sky Original series starring Salvatore Esposito, inspired by the character of Bud Spencer.

Sky announced Big footnew Sky Original Series With Salvatore Esposito (Gomorrah – series, Fargo, Stonebreaker) as Police Inspector, the spiritual successor to Inspector Rizzo, whom Bud Spencer made immortal thanks to the now legendary Piedone Policeman since 1973.

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A four-part series produced by Sky Studios, Wildside, a Fremantle company, and Titanus Production, a Titanus company, created and written by Peppe Fiore (A handsome boy, King) and director Alessio Maria Federici ((Not) ideal criminals, generation 56K).

The authors of the series’ plot are Salvatore Esposito, Giuseppe Pedersoli, Peppe Fiore, Laura Grimaldi, Paolo Piccirillo and Jacopo Sonnino.

Inspector Vincenzo Palmieri returns to Naples after a few years to settle scores with the past. Palmieri is a gun-averse cop who is apprenticed to the popular Inspector Rizzo, known as Piedone. He must gain the trust of his new team and demonstrate that his unconventional methods are not a problem, but, on the contrary, are the best weapon in solving cases.

For Vincenzo, returning to his hometown, a different Naples but still preserving his soul, means closing a circle: between one investigation and another, in which there will be no shortage of twists and smiles, he will try to reconnect with the past and come to terms with his ghosts and city ​​of its origin.

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