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Pillars of Eternity PC Game Download Full Version

Are classic RPGs a dying genre? Many lovers of legendary titles such as Fallout or Baldur’s Gate are of the opinion. They claim that in modern games, what matters most is spectacular graphics and special effects, while an extensive, captivating story is relegated to the background. Observing the current trends on the computer games market, it is difficult to resist such an impression – however, it does not mean that there are currently no titles that are able to satisfy fans of more classic games. On the contrary, you only need to search a bit to find a lot of interesting proposals of this type. One of the most notable at the moment is Pillars of Eternity . The premiere of the game is scheduled for March 2015. Right now, just enter a search term such as Pillars of Eternity in search engines to find many sites that allow you to quickly download this title and see that good RPGs are still on the market.

Pillars of Eternity PC Game Download Full Version

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The very view of who is responsible for creating this title raises great hopes. Pillars of Eternityis a child of Obsidian Entertainment, which in turn is made up of people from Black Isle Studios. This developer does not need to be introduced to anyone – the creator of such cult titles as Baldur’s Gate or Icewind Dale has permanently entered the history of computer games. As the creators of Pillars of Eternity admit, in their latest work, they decided to use all the previously gained experience to prepare a classic RPG in a slightly more modern version. Other people related to such titles as Fallout also participated in the work on this title. All this makes Pillars of Eternity promise to be really interesting. It is definitely worth entering a password such as Pillars of Eternity download in any search engineto see for yourself whether the hopes placed on this game will actually come true. See also another part of Pillars of Eternity II Deadfire.

The creators decided to prepare their own fantasy world for the needs of their new game. As befits the classic alternative universe, also in this world we will meet with many races and religions. Magic and unusual, fantastic monsters are also a constant here. Efforts were made to make the world as extensive and extensive as possible. Players can travel through many different locations with a very diverse climate – there is no shortage of mysterious forests, mighty mountains and big cities. During the game we will meet many solutions known from these classic RPG games. The player moves the story forward by solving the tasks assigned by the people encountered on the way. Of course, there are also side quests, which are not related to the main plot, but are a fantastic enrichment of the gameplay and allow you to further develop your character. In this matter, we also have very wide possibilities – there is a wide selection of classes, as well as weapons and spells that can be used by the player’s character. We receive experience points for completed tasks and defeated opponents. The player-controlled character can also manage his own stronghold, which is not very common in such games.

It is definitely worth finding a site that offers Pillars of Eternity download . This title perfectly shows that the classic RPG games are not dead – on the contrary, you can still find a lot of interesting titles that delight with an interesting plot and extensive, fantastic worlds. The very fact that so many people who deservedly contribute to this genre take part in the creation of this title, that it will certainly be a great proposition even for very demanding, old people.

Pillars of Eternity PC Game Download Full Version

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