Pillow Challenge: the challenge virus quarantine, where they were joined Geraldine Bazan, Camila Sodi, and other famous mexican


Geraldine Bazan, Camila Sodi, and other famous joined the challenge virus quarantined by a coronavirus COVID-19 #PillowChallenge, which consists in implementing a dress unique and elegant to enjoy the isolation with a pillow, as well as a belt.

Fashion lovers found an amusing distraction to pass his days in prison and have designed great costumes with just a cushion and some accessories like belts, shoes, and even objects of cleaning.

This challenge was created from the viral video of TikTok, where users they danced to the rhythm of Single Ladies covered only by pillows, soon this fashion it crossed the borders of social networks to Instagram.

In the social network, sister of Facebook this challenge was adopted by hundreds of users that will permeate your style and they called it #PillowChallenge or #QuarantinePillowChallenge.

The challenge was not long in viralizarse with more than 76.634 publications and 41.221 publications, respectively. Many of the women that followed indicated that it is a way of staying busy, fun, and even arranged to live in quarantine in their homes.

In a matter of days the actresses mexican followed the trend and we met the looks of Geraldine Bazan, Camila Sodi, Fernanda Castillo, Marlene Favela, Claudia Álvarez, and to the conductive of the program Come the Joy, TV Azteca.

The ex-wife of Gabriel Soto used a pillow flocked white that he tied to his waist with a black belt width, in addition, she completed her look with some black heels.

In your pictures it looks like the wavy hair to the height of your shoulders.

Bazan was accompanied in this challenge by his youngest daughter, Miranda, who implemented his locker with cushion, pink rabbit, a belt of the same color, and a headband of ears.

The actress Luis Miguel, the series it was one of the first to join this challenge among the celebrity mexican. After overcoming the coronavirus, which was diagnosed to his daughter, the famous are photographed using a pillow long, a black belt with golden details, and some dark glasses.

The actress The Lord of the heavens also adopted this new fashion. Fernanda wore a pillow-size double colour pink, which made a “costume gala”.

Erik Hayser, sentimental partner of the artist, joked with the look of his beloved and wrote: “Love… @fernandacga Can I borrow your pillow?”

The wife of the film producer Billy Rovzar showed off her slender body covered only by a pillow decorated with stripes on the edges.

The look of the actress who a few months ago became a mom for the first time, it was completed with some dark glasses and a black belt.

The protagonist of Gata Salvaje also joined the #PillowChallenge to a few months of giving birth to little Bella.

“For that life is to laugh and be happy! quarentinepillowchallenge #pillowdress #quedateencasa”, he wrote in his account of Instagram.

The famous used a pillow wide and enormous black goggles.

Conductive Venga la Alegría

The presenters of the morning program of TV Azteca joined the trend of the quarantine by coronaviruses COVID-19 and their photographs were presumed in the Twitter of the issuance of mexico.

Kristal Silva, Penelope Menchaca, Curvy Zelma and Olga Mariana appeared in the images you post are only covered by a pillow and a black belt.

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