Pinuccia, what happened after the overthrow of the UeD? That’s why he left

It has been on the air for over 20 years. Man and woman Maria De Filippi. The program, broadcast every day from Monday to Friday, is an Italian public company. Every day a new episode starts at 14.45. In recent years, the choice has been made in favor of a combination of a classic throne and a large throne.

The goal is essentially the same: women and men come to the program looking for love. They completely risked themselves by getting acquainted with the women and men of the stalls of the supreme throne. While for the classic throne the shape between the throneist and the groom remains unchanged. The only difference between the two thrones is that in the classic, participants cannot feel outside the program.

Men and Women, Maria De Filippi
Men and Women, Maria De Filippi

However, beyond the search for love, there is no shortage of constant discussions with the two commentators in the studio. Gianni Sperti and Tina Cipollari have been in this role for many years and, most importantly, the latter has had several discussions with some of the people involved in the program over the years. Among them is also Pinuccia. You remember her? This is what happened to him.

This is what happened to Pinucci on the throne

Pinuccia is a former lady of the female parterre of the throne. Man and woman. During the program, the lady from Vigevano struck up an acquaintance with Alessandro, a 90-year-old gentleman from the male audience. After a short acquaintance, the man decided to maintain only friendship with Pinucci.

However, the woman did not give up on him and tried several times to want to date him, declaring her love for him. It was because of his painful behavior towards Alessandro that discussions and clashes with Cipollari began.. They became increasingly heated, so much so that Pinuccia burst into tears several times.

Pinuccia - the throne above
Pinuccia – the throne above

Pinucci’s behavior, often domineering and arrogant, became increasingly persistent, so much so that Maria De Filippi had to intervene. The presenter rarely reveals herself so openly, but this time she had to do it.. In fact, he was trying to make her understand that there could be nothing but friendship between her and Alessandro.

After the woman began to cry again, the presenter made it clear to her that her participation in the program was no longer adequate. The program remains a moment of lightheartedness rather than sadness for everyone. Since she was in love, her presence had no meaning. In fact, Pinuccia stopped participating in Man and woman.

This is what happened to the former lady of Vigevano

Pinucci and Alessandro’s relationship ended because the woman was not interested in friendship. Her sick behavior prompted Alessandro to block her on various social media platforms. At this time, Pinuccia has not returned to Man and woman and who knows if we will see her in the new season in September.

Pinuccia men and women
Pinuccia men and women

In the meantime, however, the former Lady Vigevano has delved into the world of music with a summer single.. Men and women, that’s the name. The song is a tribute to the program and the presenter. Pinuccia is not the first to dive into the world of music, before Angela, known as the Fabulous Cubist, tried it.

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