Pipa Benedetto did not play in the victory of Elche and approaches Boca

Waiting for a possible transfer to Boca, Darío Benedetto did not add minutes in the 2-1 victory of the Elche against Espanyol, on date 20 of LaLiga de España. El Pipa went to the substitute bench, but entered.

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Thus, slowly, the 31-year-old forward could begin to say goodbye to Elche, a club to which he arrived in mid-2021 and where he did not find the expected continuity, to direct his return to the Xeneize.

BENEDETTO.  Shareholder and footballer of the club (Photo: Elche).
BENEDETTO. Shareholder and footballer of the club (Photo: Elche).

How are the Boca negotiations for the Benedetto Pipe?

Benedetto accepted the economic offer that Boca made him and these days it is negotiating at two ends: Xeneize negotiates with Elche, the club in which it is on loan, and Olympique de Marseille, owner of your pass.

Negotiations with Elche seem to be the simplest. Christian Bragarnik, representative of Pipa, owns 70% of the club and Benedetto himself is also a shareholder.

During these hours they are working to get him out of the French team. Although at first there was talk of a loan, it gains strength the ability to buy the scorer’s pass.

Boca: if Darío Benedetto arrives, Lisandro López and Walter Bou would leave

The arrival of Darío Benedetto would be accompanied by other market movements: the departures of Lisandro López (Tijuana de México) and Walter Bou (Defense and Justice), both represented by Bragarnik.

In addition, Elche would pay off the debt of approximately two million dollars that it has with Boca for Iván Marcone. That money would be the key to trying to buy Benedetto’s pass.

Nicolás Figal, Boca’s first reinforcement

Mouth closed the first reinforcement of 2022. It is Nicolas Figal, central defender emerged in Independiente and who in the last season defended the shirt of the Inter Miami on the MLS from United States.

Nicolás Figal will be a Boca player.  (Photo: AFP)
Nicolás Figal will be a Boca player. (Photo: AFP)

Xeneize will buy part of your pass. It is expected that this week he will carry out the medical studies and sign a three-year contract.

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