Piqué and Clara at Shakira’s house But the star doesn’t stand and look – Turin Chronicle

Nearby, a year ago, two sensational breakthroughs in the world of football. The first, between Francesco Totti and Ilari Blasi. And the second, between Gerard Piqué and Shakira, which in Spain was even more devastating due to all the consequences that arose after the betrayal.

Today, the former Barcelona captain and Clara Chia Marti may not yet be married (he never married Shakira), as Spanish gossip columns suggest. But they certainly co-exist and have made choices that many disapprove of. According to the Iberian press, in reality, they would have simply moved into the same house where Piqué and Shakira lived the early years of their relationship and where the couple’s first child, Milan, was born in 2012. The house, which was also the first purchase of a Colombian pop star in Spain.

Not an elegant gesture, but from the very beginning of their history, which actually started at least a couple of years ago, Piquet and Clara have shown that they do not attach too much importance to form. As it turned out later, without any refutation, since they started dating, the girl took advantage of Shakira’s absence to slip into the football player’s house.

Shakira, however, is no longer watching and will continue to get to know Lewis Hamilton. As confirmed by the entertainment program “Yahora Sonsoles” on Antena 3, the singer would have rented a luxury villa near Ibiza for her vacation, where the pilot would stay overnight. “Shakira spent seven days at Villa Coco Loco, a gigantic and ultra-luxurious villa,” journalist Tamara Gorro explained. “. Rumors that follow last week’s rumors: the British champion a few days after the Belgian Grand Prix would have visited the singer’s villa at least three times. Meetings that were supposed to remain secret, but no longer.

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