Pique and Clara Chia moved into the house where they lived with Shakira at the beginning of their love

By now the life of Gerard Pique and Shakira they go further and further. A pop star who left Barcelona a few months ago and moved to Miami with her children. Milan and Sashawould spend Secret getaway in Ibiza with Lewis Hamiltonhis supposed new love. Gerard Piqué instead, he stayed in Spain and there continues his relationship with Clara Chia Marty. These two – despite the haters who flood every social photo of the couple with scathing comments – will fall more and more in love with each other. So much so that, according to the Spanish press, hardly moved into the house where Piqué and Shakira lived the first years of their relationship AND where the couple’s first child was born, Milan. “It was 2012, in this house there were shots of pregnancy and a rush to the hospital,” journalist Pepe del Real explained on the air, adding that this house was the first bought by Shakira in Spain.

Of course, bringing an ex-lover (now official girlfriend) to the house where the story with the mother of your children was born does not seem like the most delicate and elegant choice. But the former football player and his new partner do not seem to notice these “details”: Clara Chia Martyduring the time when was a “lover”, for at least two years he will enjoy every absence of Shakira. Now Spanish gossips are wondering: with so many homes, why did the new couple choose Shakira’s house? And the most plausible answer, according to many observers, is only one: this is another animosity between exes.

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On the other hand, after a stormy breakup over a year ago, Pique and Shakira have not stopped publicly attacking each other. The pop star, among other things, expressed his pain and anger in a well-known revenge song. Music Sessions Volume 53 full of caustic phrases that went around the world. Like the famousYou traded a Ferrari for a Twingo, you traded a Rolex for a Casio.“. For his part, the former footballer took advantage of an interview last April to speak out against haters and ridicule his former Colombian partner:My former Hispanic… You don’t know what I’ve been through on social media. Deadly danger, incredible, absurd things. People who are fans of my ex-girlfriend. Those have no lifethey stand there with a phone in their hand. And what meaning can I give them? Zero. They don’t know anything about life, they are like robots. I treat them like they were automata“. Despite her outburst, the haters have not subsided. And now the former football player has taken another step that Shakira fans will definitely not like: he moved with a new passion to the house where not only love with the pop star was born, but also the first child of the former couple.

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