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There is no peace between Shakira and Gerard Pique: despite attempts to put an end to the dispute, they quarrel again.

In early August, sources very close to Shakira and Gerard Pique reported that after more than a year of stress the former couple began the process of reconciliation.

Shakira, new fight with Pique
The clash between Shakira and Piqué continues – Photo by ANSA – Calciomercatoweb.it

In fact, the situation seems to have really calmed down, given the many aspects that the Colombian singer and the former Barcelona defender had to agree on. “They follow the letter separation agreementthere are no more discussions or problems, some people close to Pica reported this a few weeks ago.

A truce that was positively welcomed by many fans of the two famous characters. As you know, the relationship between Shakira and Pique broke off more than a year ago. after an artist from Barranquilla discovered the betrayal Spanish defender with model Clara Chia Marty (his current partner, ed.).

The breakup, which came after 11 years and two children (Sasha and Milan), caused a reaction especially from Shakira: the singer dedicated the song “Shakira: Bzrp Music Sessions, Volume 53to your ex-partner. In one of the verses, the South American artist points his finger at Peak, accusing him of having exchanged “Ferrari with Twingo“.

Shakira and Pique, another fight: what happened

Thus, rags flew between Shakira and Piqué before the calm phase arrived. However, according to Lorena Vasquez from the TV show and Achora Sonsols Looks like the ex-couple has started fighting again. “Shakira and Pique are in a moment of intense tension.“, says Lorena Vasquez, who hosts the program every afternoon on the Spanish TV channel Antena 3.

Many wondered if the new diatribe was caused by custody of their children, at the moment the only aspect that makes them communicate and sign agreements. “I disagree on a number of things that are important to both of us.“, — added Lorena Vazquez, without going into details.

Shakira argues with Pique again
Shakira furious with her ex – ANSA photo – Calciomercatoweb.it

The journalist also recently stated that Shakira would be pissed off by Pique’s behavior. In fact, the Colombian singer does not like that her ex does not take away all the free time from work and personal obligations to be with Sasha and Milan during the holidays. It seems that the lull between Shakira and Pique has already ended.

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