Piqué at the disco: the audience calls out to Shakira. video

Gerard Piqué he said goodbye to his favorite sport, but as a real football fan he cannot stay away from the field. In Madrid, he participated in the final match of the tournament he conceived, but during the celebrations he had an unpleasant surprise.

Celebrations in Madrid

The 36-year-old former Barcelona defender was in Madrid on 29 July. Royal League, which he conceived with streamer Ibay Llanos, played his final match at the Civita Stadium in the capital. Part of the party started on the field, especially for the winning team.

Unpleasant surprise on stage

Then fellow organizers and friends went to a nightclub. Fitz, continue revelry and maybe a little sports talk. However, as soon as Piqué took the microphone on stage, the audience started calling for Shakira.

Song of the condemned

The football player did not take it very well, between surprise and humility. As if that wasn’t enough, she left the club right after Waka Waka, a song by Shakira that recalls the football successes of the Spanish national team in South Africa, but also marks the beginning of their story. They met on the set of a music video in 2010.

Love story gone wrong

Their story clearly did not end well. After a rocky breakup, the Colombian pop star spoke at length about the betrayal she experienced in a song. Music Sessions Volume 53which became an instant hit. There was no shortage of attacks Clara Chia Martyex-boyfriend’s current 24-year-old girlfriend.

Shakira thinks for herself

Rumors, after flirting with Tom Cruise and Lewis Hamilton, would like her to be linked with Jimmy Butler, 33-year-old American basketball player. Shakira, for her part, refrains from commenting. Both voices and this video. Which, of course, caused her a wide smile of satisfaction.


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