Piqué’s parents celebrate Shakira’s latest decision

Months go by but the relationship between Gerard Pique and Shakira always remains tense, although both are very related to sons Milan and Sasha, who are nine and six years old respectively. According to what was revealed by the paparazzi Jordi Martin in the Spanish TV program El gordo y la flaca these days the former Barcelona footballer would have gone to his parents’ house with his girlfriend Clara Chia Marti to celebrate the departure of the former partner. Shakira, who had moved to Spain for love, has decided to move back to Miami.

Shakira leaves Spain: Piqué celebrates with his parents

The move is scheduled for early April. According to the latest gossip, the sportsman’s parents would be more than happy not to have more as neighbor Shakira who has not managed to maintain a good bond despite the various attempts in over twelve years of relationship with the former defender. Shakira’s father, in a recent interview, in fact assured that her daughter did everything to please her ex in-laws, trying to avoid activities that were not appreciated by the family Piqué And learning Catalan.

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