Pirates of the Caribbean 6 – Johnny Depp and Disney

Case sixth chapter Pirates of the Caribbean is private and also associated with legal dispute between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard. The actor swore he would never play again Jack Sparrow for Disney, no matter how much he was paid, but now the gap has opened.

It was clear that everything could change when Disney has left the door open for Depp’s return in a rather curious way, stating that there have been no commitments on the matter at this time. Simply because they did not categorically rule it out. excited the imaginationfueling the hypothesis that they were trying to change the mind of the great actor.

This must have in turn prompted Depp, through a source close to him, to announce a possible new collaboration with Disney, stating that “anything is possible, if the design is right, it willNow the ball is back in the studio, which definitely needs to get back on top of the box office wave after an avalanche of recent box office flops.

Producer Jerry Bruckheimer repeatedly commented that he would be happy to have Depp back in the franchise, and it seemed that the difficulty in getting another solid script were basically about including Jack Sparrow. Other “minor” characters may return to the game with Orlando Bloomwho did not fail to express his joy at the prospect of returning as Will TurnerUnfortunately Keira Knightley she doesn’t seem interested in resuming Elizabeth Swann.

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