Pirates of the Caribbean 6: Johnny Depp may be back

franchise right now Pirates of the Caribbean is in a dead end. After the bankruptcy of the fifth chapter of 2017 and the elimination Johnny Depp from historical role Jack SparrowThe producers of Casa Disney are wondering about the future of the saga. Although the actor has repeatedly stated that he does not intend to return to work with the house little mousean anonymous source close to him recently spoke to Peoplegiving some hope to the fans.

Everything is possible, and if the project is right, it will be so, ”said the source.

These statements are in line with the latest manufacturer’s statements. Jerry Bruckheimerwho did not want to touch this topic.

We are still working on it, nothing is final yet,” he said when asked about the progress of the film. But we continue to take small steps towards the script.

Same Bruckheimer he was talking about the saga of Pirates of the Caribbean some time ago, the opportunity to review Johnny Depp in a franchise Pirates of the Caribbean.

You should ask them. I cannot answer this question. I really don’t know,” Disney’s Bruckheimer told The Hollywood Reporter. I would like to see him in the film. He is a friend, a great actor, and it’s a pity that personal life interferes with everything we do.

Bruckheimer he also confirmed that the character of Jack Sparrow would also never be killed off.

You can’t, he said. We tried to kill him. This does not work.

These words came a few weeks after the statements of the president of Disney Studio Motion Picture Production, Sean Bailey who in an interview The newspaper “New York Times, he spoke of the pirate saga as a Disney priority.

We think we have a really good and emotional story that pays homage to the previous films and also contains something new.

Then talking about Johnny Depp, Bailey said:

At the moment we don’t fuss

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